Armed Forces Aid Campaign

Serving Active Duty Troops and Veterans 
from All Branches of the Armed Forces
Donate and Help Now!

This campaign can only help wounded soldiers and their families because people like you help. All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

If you want to help the Foundation continue serving our soldiers and their families just send your check for $10, $20, $50 or any amount to:

The Armed Forces Aid Campaign
c/o Donation Coordinator
1111. S. Abilene Ct.

Aurora, CO 80012.

Or click here to donate using Paypal.

Ways to Support Armed Forces Aid Campaign
in your Workplace

United Way Donor Option Many companies offer their employees a traditional United Way campaign. In most communities you can probably "write-in" on your pledge card: TREA Memorial Foundation DBA Armed Forces Aid Campaign. Please include our IRS identification number (841149039) and address (1111 S. Abilene Court, Aurora, CO 80012).

Some companies will match gifts made to charities by their employees. This is a great way to double your gift to TREA Memorial Foundation DBA Armed Forces Aid Campaign. Please check with your company’s human resources department to find if your company offers matching gifts.

Government Employee Fund Drives Federal, Military, and Postal Service employees will find Armed Forces Aid Campaign in the U.S. Government's prestigious Combined Federal Campaign. You can designate your payroll deduction gift to Armed Forces Aid Campaign by writing our national code number 51484 on your Combined Federal Campaign Pledge Form.

You may also choose to make a bequest in your will. Simply ask your attorney to include a bequest to: "TREA Memorial Foundation."

Remember, there are many, many military families and wounded vets out there who we would like to help. These patriotic families and soldiers have served their country. Many are now paying a high price and struggling to cope with devastating wounds, caring for their families, lost income and much more. Our Board of Trustees and staff would like to help every soldier who needs us - but ONLY if we continue to receive donations from concerned friends like you.

Armed Forces Aid Campaign is a project of the The Enlisted Association's Foundation . 1111 S. Abilene Ct., Aurora, CO 80012 . 800-338-9337
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