A project of The Retired Enlisted Association's Foundation

Armed Forces Aid Campaign

​A group of Air Force men enjoying their free phone cards from the Foundation.

The Foundation purchased this exercise machine for a young medic who was shot while trying to help a wounded GI. The machine allows him to workout his upper body while sitting in his wheelchair.

Supporter gifts helped us purchase highly trained service dogs for two veterans. One soldier had lost his hearing and the dog acts as his ears both are trained to pick up and bring objects, open and close doors, wake up the owner in case of fire, press switches, and much more.
We helped pay the cost of home repairs after hurricane Katrina damaged the home of a family who had lost a member in Iraq. 

Gifts from concerned Americans like you have made it possible for us to pay for rent, car repairs and other costs while a soldier is being treated for wounds suffered in Iraq or Afghanistan.

​There are many more examples like this made possible by the donations friends like you have made to the Foundation. These include the help we least like to give -- to the families of those who have lost a loved one forever…
Here are just a few of the ways contributions from friends like you are used:  
We help our active duty men and women in VA hospitals, in Afghanistan, and elsewhere overseas by supplying them with free phone cards so they can call home and talk to their loved ones – something the military does not pay for.

We help our wounded when they are evacuated to Germany in the same way – with free phone cards so they can talk to their loved ones during an often worrisome time.

Once back in the U.S., many of the wounded we help are also the breadwinners for their family. In these cases we try to help both the soldier and his family. For example, when a wounded soldier is on one side of the country at a military or VA hospital and their family is on the other, we can help with their travel and motel costs. In one case, we helped a mother spend two weeks near her son while he was undergoing life saving surgery at a VA hospital in Texas.  

​As I write this, we are helping a young soldier whose vehicle was blown up by a roadside bomb. The device exploded under his seat and the burns he suffered to his back and legs were horrific. Before this young hero was sent home his VA doctor gave him a prescription for a special type of mattress. This mattress helps burn victims because it distributes their weight and thus puts less pressure on the burned area allowing them to sleep. But the VA could not (or would not) supply him with the mattress and, at a cost of over $1,000; his family could not afford it. So the Memorial Foundation stepped in and bought one and now he can sleep at night.

How We Help Our Troops