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Armed Forces Aid Campaign
Armed Forces Aid Campaign

provides help and financial assistance to wounded soldiers, active duty soldiers,veterans and their families.

Scholarship Program

provides educational assistance and opportunities to the families of enlisted men and women.

Disaster Relief

provides assistance to military retirees and veterans in cases of disaster or emergencies.

Vocational Training Grants/Scholarships

provides disabled Afghanistan and Iraq veterans an opportunity to receive educational training in an area suitable to their experience and background. The program is flexible and, depending on the need and status of the veteran, can cover some or all of the costs not provided by the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, or government educational assistance programs.

VET assistance is awarded on a case-by-case basis with allowances made for the severity of the disability, the type of vocational training being sought, and the personal financial situation of the applicant.  TREA has a long and successful history of awarding scholarships and assisting service members and their families.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars in educational awards have been made in the past.  

​The new program is in response to a growing need among enlisted men and women who are being medically discharged from the military and find that service related disabilities prevent them from pursuing the careers for which they were trained. For example, a mechanical specialist who has suffered partial paralysis or lost a limb will likely need to change careers and move into an occupational area with different physical requirements. While some of the costs resulting from this are covered by DOD programs, AFAC has found that in many cases there is a need for additional financial assistance.

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