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Armed Forces Aid Campaign

“I want to take the time and personally thank you all for your assistance in helping me in my time of need. I literally cried when I received news that I was receiving a check for my mortgage payment...Thank you, thank you, that is all I can say and God Bless you…” — C.F., a soldier that served over 23 years

“The funds you have provided have covered many things that we were not able to. Such as winter coats for our kids, work shoes, physical therapy the VA does not cover, and the increasing winter heating bills, among many other things.  We work daily to maintain the abilities T. has currently, and we are working with an exceptional team of VA doctors to help him learn to compensate for his brain injury and the nerve damage in his arm.” L.S., wife of severely wounded soldier

"Thank you so much! We really appreciate your generous grant. It could not have come at a better time." — T.Sgt T.G.
“TREAMF covered our living and travel expenses while he was hospitalized for three weeks in February. The help is greatly appreciated!” — L.S., wife of a wounded soldier

“Thank you for your thoughts and phone cards. Many troops as well as myself benefited from your thoughtfulness!” — Major R.

“Thank you for reaching out… to help with food allowance, transportation and residency…” — M.E.B., proud mom of Cpl. V.G., USMC
“We count our blessings every day, are grateful that Alan is alive and getting better each day, and for the Angels God continues to send into our lives. Thank you again for what you do … and for your interest in Alan’s journey.” — A Grateful Mom, R.B.
“Please accept our deepest appreciation for your efforts in providing our men and women … with 231 calling cards. Your support has helped provide a wonderful service to our troops.” — Col. JC
​“There must be another word greater than 'Thanks.' It is hard for me to contain myself — my prayers are with you all.” — M.L.B.
“Please accept our deepest appreciation...in providing our men and women with phone cards...” — An Air Force chaplain
“Organizations like yours that donate time, finances, or other resources enable the Army Community Service to meet the needs of the Army family…” — Major General R. M.
“I made it to Iraq with the telephone cards. They have been given to people in need. Thanks for your quick response... Your efforts are a God send.” — Major M.D. USAF 
“The other day, as I was riding the bike your ministry bought for the chaplain ministry here at Balad...I was thinking...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!” Chaplain J. P.

Thanks to financial help in the form of your donations we are able to support wounded soldiers, the families of troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, active duty troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and needy veterans almost every day.  Here are excerpts from a few of the many thank you notes we receive for the help that is only possible because ordinary Americans contribute to the Foundation.